Getting Started - Lion Loops

Congrats on your new Lion Loops and thanks so much for supporting Animalhouse!

Below are our favorite exercises to do with the Lion Loops. Please make sure to start light/easy before progressing.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues using your new products, enjoy!


1. Duck Walks


Pull the Lion Loop up just above your knee. With a slight squat walk forwards and backwards.

2. Side Squat Walks

Pull the Lion Loop just above your ankles OR all the way up just above your knees. The area targeted and weight resistance is up to you. With a slight bend in the knees and the hips, begin a side-walking motion. Your feet should never touch. This will leave your legs under tension throughout the entire range of motion.


3. Standing Kickbacks with MonkeyFeet

Pull the Lion Loop just above your knee with a slight bend at the hip. Throughout this entire range of motion you will keep your pelvis in the same position. Focus on only kicking your leg backwards and avoiding any overarching of the back. Use a wall or something to rest your hand against for extra balance if needed.


4. Isometric Hold with MonkeyFeet Hamstring Curls


Pull the Lion Loop just above your knee. With a slightly staggered stance slowly raise your MonkeyFeet foot up towards your glute. For maximum muscle engagement add a slight pause at the top of each rep. Then let your foot come back down towards the ground. Slow, steady reps with this exercise will ensure maximum effectiveness!


5. Bow and Arrows

For this exercise the slightly staggered stance is optional, although creating some extra distance between your feet does help with overall stability. Push one hand up, completely extending your arm. Hold firmly with your top hand as you begin to pull back with your opposite hand. Rotate your shoulder back slightly at the end of the rep to fully engage your back muscles.

KEY TIP: Pull with your elbow, slightly relax your wrist. This will help you to focus on engaging your lat instead of your arm muscles.


6. Triceps


Standing straight upwards, position your feet in a comfortable stable position. Put your hand through one side of the Lion Loop. Rest your hand flat on top of your chest. With your opposite hand, pull downwards towards the floor. Focus on not allowing your elbow to move throughout the entire range of motion. Your tricep should be feeling the burn!


7. Biceps

Put one foot in front of the other. With one hand, push your hand through the Lion Loop and press firmly against your quad. Make sure to hold tight so the band does not slip. With your other hand, begin to curl upwards towards your face. Your elbow should remain in the same position throughout the entire rep.


8. Ice Skaters

Place the Lion Loop up just above your knees. Step outwards towards one side while leaving your other foot in place. As your foot nears the ground, bend your knee into a 90 degree position to finish the rep. Repeat with your other foot.


9. Standing Clamshells

Start with both of your feet facing the same direction. Place the Lion Loop somewhere between your ankle and your knee, whichever position you find most comfortable for you. Make sure your hips and your chest stay pointing forwards throughout the entire movement. Next, rotate your knee up and outwards, opening up your hip towards the front of your body. Keep your knee slightly bent as you raise your leg up and down. The height of your knee at the top of the rep will be determined by your flexibility levels.


10. Lying Abductor Raises with MonkeyFeet


Start by sliding the Lion Loop up around your ankles. Next, strap on your MonkeyFeet with the proper weight range for you. Lay down on your side, putting your arm out in front of you on the ground. This helps with extra stability throughout the movement.

Put the MonkeyFeet leg slightly behind your opposite leg lying flat on the ground. While keeping your leg completely straight and your foot locked at 90 degrees, begin to raise your leg. Try and keep the Lion Loop under tension throughout the entire motion.


11. High Knee to Leg Extension with MonkeyFeet

Place the Lion Loop just above your knee. Strap up your MonkeyFeet with the desired weight range for you. When first trying this exercise you are going to want to find a wall or something to place your hand against for extra support.

Begin by lifting your knee up towards your chest. Continue until your knee has reached a 90 degrees position. Keep in mind your back should not be arching at this point in time. If so, choose a lighter weight. Then kick your leg straight outwards. If done properly your pelvis should remain in the same position through the entire motion. Avoid any 'arching' of the back. Focus on engaging your hip flexor and quad muscles.


12. Rear Delt Fly's

With a very slight bend in your elbow, start with your hands out in front of you about shoulder high. Pulling backwards with your elbows, begin to pull the Lion Loop apart. Slowly contract your rear deltoids as you widen the band even more. Once your arms have gone as far as you can, pull return your hands back to the center of your body.


13. Pushup Walks

Place the Lion Loop around both of your wrists. Start in a push up position on all fours. Then step outwards with your foot and hand on one side of your body. Reach as far as you can with your hand until the band allows you to. Do a slight tap on the ground with your hand and foot then returning towards starting position. Repeat steps on the opposite side of your body.