How-To Videos Abductor Raises (Lying & Standing)


Follow along with Andrew Dettelbach for some quick tips on how to properly perform MonkeyFeet abductor raises (lying & standing). Please use a weight that is most comfortable for you.

Lateral or abductor raises can be done lying or standing, it's going to target the outside of the hip a lot. You’ll start with some light weight, pulling that toe up toward you the entire time. This bottom leg, you can have it straight under you, I like to put it out in front of me to give me some more stability. The side body, you want to keep your obliques active, you're not relaxed here, you're staying nice and active, lifting your body at the side, keeping your core nice and tense. We're going to isolate this movement to the hip, so I’m not looking for you to completely crunch down the side of the body here, you keep it nice and stable, lifting that leg as high as you can, keeping it all in the hip and then back down slowly. You can also play with different rotations here, you can turn your knee outward, so you’re going to hit more of the back side of the hip, little bit of the quad. Or you can turn it inward, hit the outside of the hip, TFL right here, tensor fasciae latae.

Now when standing, same thing, you want to get yourself nice and stable, core neutral, you're not arched like this, core is neutral, you're going to lift that leg out to the side as far as you can without crunching down the side body. None of this, keep it nice and upright, reaching that head up to the ceiling. Out to the side, you can rotate from the hip, so I'm rotating that knee outwards, that’s going to hit a lot more of the quad, outer hip, and turning it inward is going to hit a lot more of the TFL. So neutral, rotate in, rotate out, have fun with this, start light. If you notice, all these videos, this is an 8 pounder, you don’t need a lot of weight for this stuff when you’re doing it correctly, you’re not just getting this moving, we're not skipping the movement, we’re keeping it isolated to the joint.



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