How-To Videos Starfish Holds


Follow along with Andrew Dettelbach for some quick tips on how to properly perform MonkeyFeet starfish crunches. Please use a weight that is most comfortable for you.

Starfish crunches, you are going to start with your legs and your arms out away from each other in a starfish position. Opposite leg, opposite arm are going to be moving here, so if you have only one Monkeyfoot, or if you have two great you can save some time, but one at a time, I’m going to work right leg left arm, crunch them up towards one another and then back down. If you need this hand to support you, put it under the base of your skull behind your neck, and lift. Otherwise, you can lift them together, kind of just reaching this one out away from you the entire time. So even the leg that is just relaxed, we want to activate it, reach away, this arm that's relaxed, reach away, you're lifting, crunch. You’re creating tension through the entire body, it isn’t just about the leg and arm that have the weight in them. If having weight is too difficult, get rid of it, if it’s too easy, increase the weight, do the same number on each side. 



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