How-To Videos Hollow Body Hold


Follow along with Andrew Dettelbach for some quick tips on how to properly perform MonkeyFeet hollow body holds. Please use a weight that is most comfortable for you.

Hollow body hold with the Monkeyfoot, if you only have one Monkeyfoot, no worries, you're just going to need to do both sides for equal time. So you're going to lift and hold this position. You want to start by tucking the pelvis under, and pulling the ribs down so you are pressing the back flat to the floor. From here, the legs and the arms will lift up, but if you notice here, my belly wants to bulge out quite a bit, I don't quite have the strength to hold this weighted. If you do, good for you, otherwise I'm going to modify it.

I’m going to bring either the legs higher up so I’m holding this hollow position where I can pull my belly in here. Full exhale. Or I’m going to bend the knees 90 degrees, or I’m going to fully tuck so I'm actually pulling the knees into me using my hip flexors a little bit, and I'm still lifting that upper body off the floor. Back just farted against the floor, call that a bart… so keeping that nice and tucked in, lifting that upper body, arms are straight, if this is too much you can bring the arms to your head, if that's too much you can use some assistance pulling yourself in. And at that point, if you're needing that much assistance, probably want to start without weight, but this would be the full hollow body hold without that Monkeyfoot. 



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