How-To Videos Hamstring Curls


Follow along with Andrew Dettelbach for some quick tips on how to properly perform MonkeyFeet hamstring curls. Please use a weight that is most comfortable for you.

MonkeyFeet is one of the gnarliest tools I've used for targeting the hamstring, it makes it significantly more intense and doing it standing is actually really good. So a great easy position I like to stand on a plate so I can get my leg into full extension here. It's not necessary though. I'm going to use the plate here. So there's a couple ways I'm going to teach you to do this. Both ways you want to prevent your leg from swinging back and forth. So the first one keeping your knee a little bit more forward to the body and just flexing the heel up toward the glute is going to help get activation distally in the hamstring so the lower part of your hamstring here. Now if you really want to step it up, hinge forward slightly you're going to extend your hip back squeezing that glute making sure that your pelvis stays nice and neutral, so I'm not arching my back to get my leg extended, I'm using the glute getting it extended here, no movement in the back and then I'm going to flex the knee bringing that heel to the glute and try not to let my knee shift forward or backward. So I'm getting it as extended as possible, holding on to something for support here and then slowly flexing the knee and letting it drop down slow.

Now if that's too difficult, maybe you cramp up a little bit, through a little massage beforehand maybe a little bit of stretching can help reduce the cramping. Cramping is a sign you need to strengthen it so you want to keep working those positions. If it's too intense cramp wise then start with yourself upright, knee forward, again you're not letting that knee move, the pelvis isn't moving and you're flexing that knee. You're going to feel this distally, closer to the knee, whereas this one is going to hit the whole hamstring.



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