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Wish you could lift dumbbells with your feet like you can with your hands? Do that and much more with MonkeyFeet, the newest product from Animalhouse Fitness. Leg day will never be the same!

  • Fits most dumbbell sizes and handles
    • Min handle width: 5in (127mm)
    • Max handle diameter: 1.45in (37mm)
  • Supports up to a 160lb dumbbell per foot
  • Universal design fits most shoe sizes
    • Max size: US men's size 14
    • Max shoe width: 3.3in (84mm)
  • Sold individually - but works for both left and right foot
  • Weight: 1.2lbs (0.5kg)

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The First Device to Unlock Leg Workouts

     We are used to the standards, everything from body-weight leg movements like lunges, to using large gym machines for doing sets of leg press. Although these are great workouts, the options can be limited in what exercises you can perform with your legs. But imagine if you could pick up a dumbbell with your foot the same way you can with your hand? That would change the game, so that's what we did!
     Introducing MonkeyFeet, the first device to allow you to lift with your feet. With this tool and a dumbbell, you now have access to dozens of movements that can workout your legs. And the best part? There's no need in switching from machine to machine. With MonkeyFeet, you can easily combine multiple movements into a full lower body superset! 
     That not enough? How about grab two and use them while hanging from a pull-up bar? Do a few bicycles and leg raises and feel your core engage! And if you're truly brave, give some pull-ups a try. Regardless of what you choose, the possibilities are endless and allow you to create the perfect workout.

Endless Options

     With the functionality of grabbing a weight with your foot, MonkeyFeet unlocks countless new exercises. Choose from one of our many recommended movements, or pair multiple together for a more advanced workout

Gym product

Step 1

With the device in the "open position", slide the clamping area over the handle of the dumbbell.

Gym Product

Step 2

Once the device is hooked onto the dumbbell handle, fold the device into the "closed position". This should secure the weight onto the device.


Step 3

Place your foot into the device, onto the rubber padded area. Secure the strap across your ankle and tighten the ratchet until secure. You are not ready to start your workout!