How-To Videos Supermans


Follow along with Andrew Dettelbach for some quick tips on how to properly perform MonkeyFeet supermans. Please use a weight that is most comfortable for you.

Supermans with the MonkeyFeet, if you have two MonkeyFeet good for you, I'm going to show it with just one. So if you only have one Monkeyfoot, you're going to do opposite arm, opposite leg to start, it will look like this. You can bring both arms into it if you want but you’re only going to be using one leg at a time, you could lift all four limbs at once, that’s fine, but if you only have one you’re going to have to switch sides, and keep the numbers equal on each side. 

To start, I like to focus on keeping the pelvis tucked under, posteriorly, squeezing the glutes, pelvis tucking under. Then my ribs are pulling in, I'm in a hollow position. So from here, I’m going to lift the Monkeyfoot using my glute, keeping the movement in the hip, and I'm going to lift the arm using my upper body, upper back. Lift, hold and back down. You want to do both arms fine, I actually prefer that. Lift and hold, squeeze, keeping the core nice and engaged. I’m pulling the core together, while also extending the entire back. This is going to help strengthen the entire posterior chain, but you're not going to feel it only in the lower back, if you keep these positions nice and tucked in as much as you can. And then once you're feeling good, switch sides. If you have both MonkeyFeet, you just save time. 



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