Strap Length Comparison

We think we know why you're here... Over the past three years we have come out with a few different lengths of straps and kits which might have gotten a little confusing. As we perfected our sizing, we have discontinued a few legacy products and left you with a single strap length that works great for everyone!


To compare, we think a diagram does this best (seen below). In general, our (New) Strap Kit is longer than our discontinued (Original) Strap Kit and just barely shorter than our discontinued XL Strap Kit. 


MonkeyFeet Straps Comparison Diagram


Final Notes:

  • The (Original) Strap Kit came stock on all MonkeyFeet units up until January 2024
  • The (New) Strap Kit works for both MonkeyFeet and MonkeyFeet Pro
  • The (New) Strap Kit comes stock on both MonkeyFeet and MonkeyFeet Pro
  • The (New) Strap Kit works for all previous versions of MonkeyFeet and MonkeyFeet Pro


Still need help? Send our customer service team an email and we will get you all sorted out!


Thanks for your continued patience as we iterate our products to be the best ones on the market!