Installation Guide - OG Strap

Below are the instructions for the OG Strap
Please contact us if you have any issues using your new products, enjoy!
You will need an 8 millimeter wrench and 3 millimeter allen


Step 1

Fold the MonkeyFeet downwards

Step 2

Use your tools to loosen the strap on the left side of the MonkeyFeet

Remove the bolt, nut, and washer. Set aside for later use

Step 3

Remove the strap from the front padded part

Now insert the new OG Strap, into the front padded part

Step 4

Insert bolt and place into whichever length hole is desired. Next, add the washer and then the nut

Use your hand to get the nut started threading onto the bolt

Step 5

Tighten until the nut firmly bottoms out on the metal bolt

Make sure to not over-tighten the nut


Great job, your MonkeyFeet is now ready to use!